Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kahuterawa Rd

Today as part of my 'training' I headed up Kahuterawa Rd for a walk, having parked my car nearby at a friend's place. It was a gorgeous sunny day. And I would have to go so far as saying it is basically a 'sin' I have never ever walked here before. The road was quiet, undulating gently, the birds were singing... and I have never ever explored this road so close to town!

When I was just setting off, there was cloud over the Ranges, and the cloud pattern on the ranges is always of interest.

I walked several kilometres up the road, and came to the intersection with Greens Rd. I was glad to discover where this is, as the Turitea Walkway/Rd joins up with this, and it is part of my future training plans! Green Rd appeared to skirt along close to the hills, though from the map it appears there may be some more hilly bits in it. My map reading skills being as poor as they are, I guess I will find that out soon enough when I actually walk the route.
Quite large numbers of fit, trim looking cyclists passed me coming down Kahuterawa Rd... and I suspect they had been along the more rural Greens Rd first.

The grass was lush. Plenty of rain earlier in the spring, and warm temperatures lately, have led to some spectacular growth. (I know this already of course from my overgrown garden that was yet again being ignored as I walked!)

I got a bit carried away taking photos of rural letterboxes today. As you can tell!

Gorgeous day. Gorgeous walk. Roll on summer. I look forward to returning here soon!


  1. Lovely post, as usual. Are the pohutukawas in bloom yet?

    My final Argentina post is up!

  2. Still a bit early for the pohutukawa around here, but shouldn't be too long. Nice to see you back maalie, What a wanderer you are, even more so than me!
    Very green here at present simon, though it can get quite brown on those hills and paddocks if we have a dry summer. Am sure to post from there again later in the season. Conserving funds, I will be doing all my 'training' close to home and not spending much on petrol.