Sunday, October 28, 2007

into the serious stuff

It really is past the time when I should be into serious training for the Camino. But somehow we have slid through September and most of October and I am still into occasional dabbling with the fitness regime. Why this is now serious is that in less than six months I will already be walking from Le Puy, and some of the terrain will be challenging... as may the weather be.

So today I hauled myself out of bed by the bootstraps and made sure I got out to the Gorge again. Little treat soon after leaving the carpark was that I saw the milk train go through on the other side of the river. First time I have actually managed to see a train on the track!
In the winter I walked this track quite a few times, with nary a sign of any sunshine. But today the sunlight was slipping in through gaps in the trees quite beautifully in places.

Here is the sunlight bringing this view of a small plant to life in the forest darkness.

There is a lot of upgrading being done on this track, so close to Palmerston North, so that larger numbers of people will want to walk it. Here is one of the wee 'bridges' in place, though not much water is flowing under it just now.

Sigh... and on another serious note. I realise that old age is creeping up on me. Three times when I walked in the neighbourhood yesterday I met up with people I knew. All recognised me. Sure, all three were out of normal context and they were not people I see every day, but I could not tell who they were until they were about two metres away. I know, I know, I have glasses. And I obviously need to wear them more often. But they only have squitty little clip-ons for the bright glare of the sun we have finally been fortunate to have. So I was wearing my larger-lensed non-prescription sunglasses. And since I am saving hard for another trip in April.... I will not be visiting the optometrist for new lenses. I know you all feel soooooo sorry for me!

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