Sunday, November 12, 2006

French vocab for walking

Vocabulary List
Landscape Features:

la combe: anticlinal valley

le hameau: hamlet
une crête: crest, ridge
la falaise: cliff
la butte: hillock, mound

Two words I often tend to muddle:
*Au-dessus: above
*Au-dessous: underneath, below
Amont: upstream

couper un virage: cut a corner/bend
déboucher: leads to, comes out on

contourner: go round, bypass
aboutir: to lead to (something)
s’abaisser: to fall away, slope down
franchir: to walk through (stream, river), to jump over, clear
obliquer: bear eg obliquez a gauche, bear left

se scinder: to split up, divide
atteindre: reach

Adjectives for track/road surface:
goudronnées: tarsealed

un chemin castiné: untarsealed path?
Un chemin caillouteux: stony path
Gravilloné: gravel, grit
Une route revêtu: sealed road

une assise empierree: a layer ( stratum) of metal

des poignées pour se hisser: handholds to hoist yourself up
livre d’or: visitor’s book
(in sanctuary of church in Le-Puy-en-Velay – reserved for pilgrims and walkers.)

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