Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cycling down Newbury Line

We have had a real 'cycle' here of bad weather for weekends lately, and being the fair-weather cyclist that I am, I haven't even managed an out-of-town ride on my new bicycle until this morning. Ahhhh but it was worth waiting for: an hour and a half out in the countryside on a bicycle and all is right with the world. This morning I did a rural circuit, heading out to Newbury line, then along as far as Te Ngaio Rd, and back to town via varied rural roads.
I had to cycle out into a stiffish westerly. I had my km-counter on, but it was depressingly 'slow'. As I battled into the westerly at times I only seemed to be cycling about 12km/h. Eventually I realised the bike shop had installed the counter onto miles! Have since been in and had that remedied. The best thing about battling a westerly headwind on the way out of town though, is that a good proportion of the circuit in the homewards direction becomes a lovely tailwind.
Newbury Line has a lot of modern houses along it, as there are quite a few 'lifestyle' blocks out that way. I took a photo of this older farm building as it was quite refreshing to see something unmanicured still on the road.


  1. be careful with your bike in foul weather. I rode my bike along fire trails and I got caught in a huge storm. Basically the mud and water aged the components on the drive train by a year.

    What i am saying is.. the water etc really wears the bike out.

  2. Like all photos this one with its dramatic stormy looking sky is a bit deceiving! In the other directions the sky is much bluer, and I am actually on a proper sealed road looking up a farm driveway! I was only about 15km from home in this photo and with a tailwind behind me was home before I knew it!

  3. oh! looked like you were going to battle aHUGE thunderstorm :o)