Sunday, August 02, 2015

Christchurch Trip

Ooops, have only just realised I never posted here at all during my trip to Christchurch in the July school holidays. Making up for lost time then, here is a link to my album of photos on Flickr from this trip.

And here are two panoramic views from a friend's new house in Redcliffs, looking over the Avon-Heathcoate Estuary, and a view just before sunrise.

 There is a huge amount of rebuilding going on in the city, which is positive, but at the same time, I still found it so incredibly sad. It brought home to me how much damage the February quake wrought when it struck the CBD itself. So many buildings have had to be demolished, and others have to wait years for repair, so the city's heart has really been crushed. There are still few workers or shops in the CBD- mainly it was construction workers I saw there, plus a few tourists. (Mind you, it was winter and most tourists would have gone straight to the ski fields.)

People are gradually getting their lives sorted though, and friends of mine are now living in a beautiful house with stunning views over the Avon-Heathcote Estuary- I could easily sit in their lounge for days watching the weather and tides change, and sun rise and set.

There are plans being drawn up now for rebuilding the Catholic Cathedral, on the same site, and using some of the original materials- though nobody is sure yet how much of the original structure can be retained. Although I am not much of a church-goer at all, my great-grandfather was amongst those who contributed to the original building, so I am following progress with interest.

One thing I did while in Christchurch was go on a Rebuild Tour- on a red bus- bookable through the iSite next to the museum- with commentary by one of the museum staff- well worth doing.

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