Saturday, May 02, 2015

Esplanade in Autumn

I've been home for two weeks, and have to confess I have been quite 'lazy' after my exertions in Umbria! Today I had a short walk in the Esplanade here in Palmy to acquaint myself with the fullness of autumn, after my brief foray into the northern spring!

Here are a few photos.
 Walking along the Fitzherbert Ave boundary on the footpath is quite a riot of autumn colour at present.
 The colours of maple leaves lie discarded on the footpath...

 As in any season at the Esplanade, there are surprising plants lurking in the undergrowth.

 I'd not ever noticed this very healthy pair of chooks wandering in the Esplanade before, but they seemed quite at home amongst the ducks at the duck pond.

 I love the Conservatory, with its tropical colours and shapes... and the fish seemed to swimming in ample profusion under this wee fountain today.

 The playground is quite 'muddy' as they are renewing and adding various pieces of equipment, but the trees change colour regardless...
 ...and it was warm enough for lunchtime picnics.

 The glory of autumn- makes the transition into winter seem not quite so severe.

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