Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More umbrellas

The rain theme continued off and on all this first day in Melbourne- but people were all still out and about.
 I guess I was surprised by how many autumn trees I saw, but they have imported deciduous trees from the 'homeland' here as well.
 I had already fallen in love with Melbourne's architecture- and the unexpected juxtapositions of buildings.
 Fitzroy Gardens were beautiful, and had this sculpture by a woman author in the 1930s, made for children, with fairies on it.

 Coming around by Treasury, I was glad to find that one of the 'important men' had shoes just as wet as mine...
There were some unexpected old signs on some of the walls as well.


  1. Second last photo is the wall of the Melbourne Club with the garden in behind the wall. Last is in a lane off Little Bourke Street.

    1. You know your city well Andrew. It is certainly full of little surprises all over the place. So vibrant.