Monday, May 06, 2013

Colours of Autumn

The colours of autumn around where I live are splendid at present. I thought that after such a hot, dry summer, we might miss the glory of autumn, but instead it seems even more beautiful than I remember.
The Esplanade has lots of fungi with colours that match the leaves that are falling.

The fallen leaves are full of variety.

And when the sunlight falls on leaves, they glow...

I went geocaching in the holidays, and have now found nine caches, including one by following clues in the historic Terrace End cemetery.

Surprisingly, even in May, we still have some blue blue skies, and temperatures around 21C.

Another geocaching spot was at the Napier Rd entrance to the city- when you are in the city but also in the country.


  1. You missed autumn last year! Every season has it's beauty.

    1. I did only see the start of autumn last year- and had three springs in a row... Whole year here this year though!

  2. Lovely photos, Kiwi. I hope to get out this weekend to take some autumn colour shots... weather permitting, of course. Our drought is but a distant memory!

    1. Yes, I think we have had better weather here! We had lots of rain/drizzle for a while, enough to make everything green again, but since then the rain has largely gone again- for the time being anyhow!