Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Summertime in Paris

Now for a jump back to summer.... At the end of all my Camino walking, I headed back to Paris at the end of June to spend a few days before my flights home.

I booked a hotel in Montmartre, quite close to the Abbesses metro station. The whole area was full of lively shops and activity and I loved being based there.

Late that afternoon one of the places I visited was Notre Dame. It was a good time to visit as it turned out: there were fewer people around, and the sun shone onto the facade, showing up all the detail clearly.
This photo is one of my favourites. This young man was busking on a bridge near Notre Dame, and I ended up listening for quite a while to the music he was making.

Next morning I started my wanders up on the hill of Montmartre. First I visited the distinctive Sacré Coeur Basilica, which seemed to be a bastion of more conservative catholicism. Around the corner from that was the much older St-Pierre church that dates back to 1147, and is still a parish church these days. This sculpture was just one part of the sculpture on a bronze door.

Down the hill again, and closer to my hotel, was the church of St Jean L'Evangeliste. It was built 1897-1904, of a very innovative design. This design was on one of the outer doors.

There were lots of interesting shops once you were down the hill away from the original 'village' area now dominated by tourist shops.
This shop was a cheese shop on Rue le Pic, and I bought several cheeses here to take to a Camino friend's home. I am not much of a cheese-eater, but even I found the array quite fascinating.

I kept on heading downhill, and it wasn't long before I stood in front of the famous Moulin Rouge.

Not far along the same street was this juxtaposition- a supermarket of a more traditional kind, alongside one for more erotic goods.

Next day I spent much of my time near the Seine. I realised I had never crossed this particular bridge, covered with padlocks that declared undying love.

And beside the Seine I got this view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.

On my last day I wanted to make sure I revisited Forum des Halles and these colorful sculptures that I remembered from a previous trip. Today the sun shone and I loved the brilliance it imparted.

One of my last adventures was afternoon tea at the famous cafe of Les Deux Magots. I must admit that eating in such a cafe is usually beyond my budget limits, but I was kindly taken here by another Camino friend.... and so endeth the Paris adventure!


  1. Montmartre, what a delightfully wicked place to stay...well, it used to be.

  2. Down the bottom of the hill near Moulin Rouge it probably still is, but I was only there in the daytime. Up the top of the hill I suspect it is just touristy at night these days.

  3. Café les Deux Magots is my favourite place to have a glass of wine and people watch, if possible outside! I budget to go at least once when I am in Paris.


  4. Danielle took me there, and she wouldn't let me pay!