Wednesday, July 21, 2010

fluoro orange

My heavy old cast with a new orange coat, 
plus extra wiggle room for my (still swollen) fingers and thumb.


  1. Oh my goodness, what did you do?

    (I don't expect an immediate answer....I realize you're a bit incapacitated!)

    Glad your sister is able to help you with the food!

  2. Adoro, i had a somewhat unpredictable collision with a car while i was walking. (It did u-turn out of parking space, when we both thought road was clear...) I am very lucky I only ended up with a broken arm!
    But Dr described it as 'nasty' break.

  3. Well 'Agent Orange' it is!:)

  4. Yikes Nell, you will be putting me off my colour!

  5. Such a simple collision, at low speed by the sound of it, ends with a broken arm. About five or six weeks in plaster?

  6. It was a very low speed collision, but in the car vs pedestrian argument, the car wins because it us bigger! I am not sure how long I have the cast on for Andrew- but perhaps six weeks by the sound of it. I will maybe have more idea when I (hopefully) get a lighter cast on next Friday.

  7. Ouch!
    Did you get to choose the colour of the plaster?
    Hope you're resting and not too uncomfortable.

  8. Jayne, I did get to choose the colour. They had a card with about 10 choices. It is great for morale to be able to choose the colour! I am much more comfortable now. Bone doesn't cause me much strife. But I still have a (very) heavy cast on until Friday which is stressful on my neck and back if I stand for long. Really looking forward to the lighter cast!- and might choose a green colour for the next one...maybe...