Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Snorer from Hell!!!!!

OK OK OK I have become used to snorers in the dorms. Mostly I have discovered that I sleep anyhow, as they only snore a little while then stop. And I am usually happy when I end up in a room full of women as that means no snorers.
BUT last night I met the snorer from hell...... and she was a woman!!!!
It amazes me how the snorers always seem to go to sleep very quickly. In the dorm the bunks were arranged with two almost right together, like a double bed. I had copped a male snorer right next to me in Roncesvalles, so was relieved to find there was a woman this time. Hmmmmm. Wrong!
She began very quickly. I bumped her and she stopped. She must have changed to the top bunk as a result while I went to sleep.Then it began and continued........
At 3am there was a procession of people to the toilet, which was in an outside building. I doubt that most really needed the toilet, but the conversation in the toilets was about the snorer from hell!!! The guy on the other side of her had bumped her with his pillow. The young English woman next to her on the top had had no sleep. At 3.30am she moved over to the toilet block for a break.
At 5.45am, much earlier than I had intended to rise, I got up and had breakfast outside. Now I am ready to depart, and the snorer from hell, who must have had a great night´s sleep, has arisen. If only we spoke the same language, I would ask her which albergue she is planning to sleep in tonight!!!!
OK guys, I am off to Pamplona, and the tracks are bound to be very very muddy!!!
Catch you later... plenty of internet in Spain!


  1. Love this! Zubiri was my first night in a very large dormitory. It was in the Gite Communale in Estaing that I was surrounded by snorers from hell, in the upstairs of an old church with partitions part-way up that did nothing to mask an entire symphony of snorers.

  2. This same snorer was in the Jesus y Maria albergue in Pamplona as well. Fortunately it was a very big building and she was at the other end from me! She was also in Puente la Reina but in a different room- then we never saw her again after that!