Monday, March 31, 2008


Warmest congratulations to my sister "f", and my friend "Trish H" who have shown incredible daring and a sense of adventure by working out how to comment on my blog! These two have won an incredible reward. Yes, they will be receiving the very first postcards I send on my forthcoming trip over the oceans in a big bird!
Who knows what original piece of post-card art they will receive!

Hmmmm I have a longish wait in Auckland Airport. So maybe they will get a postcard of that great modern kiwi phallic symbol, the Sky Tower!
But wait, there's more. They might even get a second postcard of our close rellies in Singapore Zoo. I am sure they are both waiting with bated breath and an almost unbearable sense of anticipation to see just what their prize will be!!
Meanwhile, sister "m" and others.... I have yet to see you crack the blogging-comment barrier! Reply now, soon, before my postcard-budget is all spent!
(Yeah I know M-------n - don't give up my day job!)


  1. Love the rain in the manawatu! Sue

  2. Sue.... I am impressed!!!!! You will have to go on the postcard list as well!!!!!
    I am about to go out for a walk in the rain. Such a novelty! I have been looking at the French weather though and it seems like rain is doing its spring thing and is fairly consistent where I will be walking. If it isn't snowing that is. Definitely packing those thermals!!

  3. What about me? I have ALWAYS commented on your blog! LOL!

  4. maalie.... yes I know. This is a bit like the Prodigal Son parable though. He who has been faithful throughout kind of dips out on the rewards!