Thursday, February 07, 2008

Swimming kills me!

I have the audacity to think I am getting fitter. I can walk for 5-6 hours without feeling too much tiredness (though my feet are usually really glad to shed their shoes and hot socks at the end.) And I am not nearly so cumbersome as I was when climbing hills. I have noticed I can cycle quite far just enjoying the scenery, without it feeling like too much effort. (I still walk up the steep hills!)

But swimming provides a reality check. I have been swimming a few times lately in the outdoor pool at the Lido. And I love it. The sun is shining down, and I am immersed in the water, with little cooler currents every so often. And I swim for 40-60 minutes.... just really slow lane swimming... 'cos I simply do not know what fast swimming is..... and I love every minute of it.

But.... when I get home... phew.... I feel exhausted! Swimming makes me feel like I have run a marathon.
Well, that is what I imagine anyhow... not ever having run a marathon.... and never ever ever intending to run a marathon..... or even a half marathon... there is a sister who can do that on my behalf.....

Anyhow.... now that I have actually been to a few schools to tell them I can do day relieving until my departure... I need to stop blogging and get myself to bed. Who knows when that inconsiderate phone will ring at some ungodly hour with some actual work to do!!!!


  1. Swimming and trying to cycle up hills kills me! Perhaps I try to go to it too fast. I always tell runners to 'slow down' and I can plod away for ages, but swimming is ok if I do it really slowly.

  2. Lorenzo.... even when I swim really slowly I still feel dead at the end! And alive at the same time.... if that makes any sense at all!