Sunday, July 08, 2007

Arrived in Darwin

Arrived in Darwin a wee while ago and just have one night here. It is a looooooooong way from Alice to Darwin.... believe me! Had a great three days with a really nice bunch of people and a really positive cheerful guide. The highlight was canoeing in the Katherine Gorge this morning. Hopefully I will end up with many of the same people on my next three days on a 4WD trip in Kakadu. But we will see at 6.20am pick-up time. This is the tour of sunrises and sunsets. And evenings full of stars overhead: there are a lot of European backpackers on this tour who have never seen such a sight.
Plenty to blog about and lots of photos to share when I get home. Toodle-oo for now.


  1. So, Australian outback is ok? (Smile!)

  2. Glad your trip is going so well Kiwi. Seen an emu yet?

  3. I was thinking.. its a long way to anywhere in Aus!

  4. loved my trip simon..... will blog about it as soooooon as I recover from the long trip home and overnight flight from Darwin. Many many highlights.
    Saw an emu at our camp one morning maalie... got a few photos!