Friday, June 29, 2007

Arrived in Sydney

Have arrived safely in Sydney and am now coping with japanese or something in the blogger headings.... of course can't read it to work out where to change the language!

Was afraid I wasn't going to get here. We were late leaving Palmie, then it took 20 minutes at the domestic terminal in Auckland for them to move the luggage 100m from our plane to the luggage carousel... by the time I checked in in Auckland they had to ring to get me a standy by seat number, and maybe I only got that because I was flying onto Alice on Saturday morning... the plane was certainly chocker full.

It is 12 degrees in Sydney this evening which feels positively tropical after 8 degree days at home. The bad weather here has headed over to NZ now and we passed some bits on the plane. Strong headwinds delayed us getting into Sydney too.

It was a very quick train trip into town and then across the street to the Central YHA where I will sleep the night and head to the domestic airport earlyish.
Not sure if you will get many progress reports en route.... internet very expensive in the Outback from all accounts!


  1. Very best wishes for your trip Kiwi. I look forward to your reports as and when you can make them.

  2. Welcome to Sydney, Kiwi. Enjoy your stay and have a nice rest.