Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kapiti Island

Time for a little bit of attention to this poor neglected blog. It has suffered while most posting has gone to my nomad blog. But here are a few photos from the trip I took to Kapiti Island yesterday. (Two are repeated from nomad blog: sorry if you have just come from there!)

Kereru (pigeon, endemic to NZ) were abundant and everywhere. With predators gone, you could see them in places you would never see them on the mainland, eg this one was pecking on the grass as a hen would in a backyard coop.

My favourite shot was of this kaka. I have never seen one so close, and maybe never will again....
This little shy weka was pecking in the leaf litter to find its food.

Here is the boat returning from the mainland at Paraparaumu to take us off the island at the end of the day.

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