Sunday, March 04, 2007

Makairo Track

Today I was part of a party of four who enjoyed the Makairo Track. This involved a steady but very gentle ascent up an old road track on the side of a gorge, passing a lot of regenerating bush.

Near the top end of the track were a few signs of the area's former farming life such as this decaying fencepost which took my fancy.

Rangiora, also affectionately known as 'bushman's toilet paper' was prominent along much of the route.
Nearer the top of the track there was quite a bit of flowering toetoe. Fiona and I spent quite a few minutes observing an iridescent emerald green bug sitting on one of the flowerheads. It did not seem able to fly well. By the time the boys got down from their higher ascent, there was no more sign of this bug, and they accused us of finding mushrooms over lunch. But we kidded them not!

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