Saturday, December 16, 2006

Singapore Apartment 2

I have a friend currently living in Singapore and I was able to stay with him in his apartment on my way both to and from Europe. He moved apartments while I was away and I took some 'alike but different' photos of his apartment blocks. Here are a few photos of his second block. Sometimes I just liked the patterns and shadows.
Singapore is largely made up of apartment blocks. They were surprisingly roomy inside and lots of elements of the design helped lend more of a 'community feel' than you might expect. A 'plus' was the low crime rate, so that as a woman I felt very safe coming back on my own to the apartment even at night-time.
Washing quite often hung on rods out from the windows in 'Chinese' style.

Covered walkways were incorporated, adding protection from the torrential downpours that could occur, and also adding some shade from the strong sunlight.
This man is lighting an offering to the gods on a special feast day. These huge drums appeared and some people burnt many paper offerings.
In the sheltered area at the bottom of the buildings many things happened. People often gathered to talk or play games around these tables. There were also study carousels where people could study. And sometimes part of the area was used for Buddhist funerals when someone in the block had died.

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