Sunday, October 08, 2006

Manawatu River

After posting so much from the Loire River, I am home and it is time the Manawatu River got some airplay!
After a spell of freezing cold southerly weather we finally have some spring weather to be pleased about this morning. So I was able to enjoy one of the loves of my life, a Sunday morning bike ride. I headed out to the far end of Te Matai Rd, where I passed many cyclists, then onto the Bridle Track beside the river. All was going swimmingly well until I struck a rough patch on the path and became aware that I had a puncture! Oh No! So after about 17km of cycling I then had to enjoy a walk in the spring sunshine to the bike shop! (No I wasn't carrying a tube, though I had 'nearly' put it in!) Ironic really, five weeks of cycling in France with no incidents, and first longer bike ride back home and I get a puncture!
Strange thing was though, that I had been intending to go to the bike shop later in the morning anyhow, as my new 'touring' bike was ready to pick up. (I might tell you a funny story about this later....) So I dropped off the old bike and picked up the new bike and rode home on it!


  1. Beautiful river picture; but a bummer for your tire to go flat. At least it looks like it was a nice day.

  2. It was a nice day... last.... Earlier in the week the Interislander ferries had to stop running because of rough seas with a southerly.

  3. WOW. nice place. thanks and God bless

  4. Evocative. I used to see Royal Spoonbills and Great white Egrets (the Maori's Kotuku) on the manawatu!

  5. Not on this part of the Manawatu though.... flowing through Palmerston North.... or at least I have never seen them here! (Mind you, I am nearly always passing by at cyclist pace, last Sunday's puncture being my first, and hopefully last, on the Bridle Track!)

  6. Hi Kiwi, no they were lower down at the estuary. There come up there from the South Island to spend the winter.

    My blog is now up-dtaed with Autralian tales!