Saturday, February 26, 2011

World Women's Cycle Tour

This morning there was a cyclists' breakfast in the Square, before the cyclists in the World Women's Cycle Tour headed off for their next stage, back to Masterton via the Pahiatua Track. Here are just a few photos of their departure.

 There was a large support contingent for the cyclists, and here is Snr/Sgt Nick Dobson posing for me, ready to accompany the cyclists. (I taught his son for a few months quite a few years ago...)
 Here the women cyclists are lined up behind the race director's car.

 Motorbikes with race officials were all lined up revving their motors behind the leading police car, ready to go. Then a minute's silence was announced to think about those who had perished in the Christchurch earthquake. And everything became quiet and still. 

 The clocktower chimed 10am, and it was time to go.
The leading police car used its siren loudly, 
and the women were led off by the race director's car. 

And here they go, off around the edge of the Square....

It was a privilege to get a glimpse of such elite cyclists in action, and I hope they come again!


  1. I wish Melbourne would take on more cycling events instead of the stupid Grand Prix car race. The officer must have pleased enough with your teaching otherwise he would not be co-operative.

  2. I think he was just being polite ;-)

  3. How far do they have to go Kiwi? Is it just a North Island event?

  4. Just Southern North Island.... Wairarapa Manawatu mainly. Finish in Wellington tomorrow.

  5. Oh...good God I wanna ride my bike!! This has been the worst winter for riding much snow and salt and slush! And now such incredible high winds...but soon, very soon, my lovely will leave her hiding place behind the couch in the living room!! :-)

  6. karin, I hadn't ridden mine for months after breaking my wrist, and am loving being back on it!

  7. Just back from Florida. Saw some lovely rentals. I think that's where I will be cycling next winter!