Monday, February 21, 2011

52: Orange at the Esplanade

It was a glorious day in Palmy today, so I organised myself to cycle down to the Lido for a swim, then came home via the Esplanade.

I know I have put a photo here before (Day 18) of a monarch in the Esplanade, but the monarchs were flying around in great abundance this warm afternoon, so you are getting another shot. It was noticeable that they preferred to land and feed on bright orange flowers. This photo doesn't show the most 'vivid' close-up butterfly, but it does show the profusion of orange it chose to land in.

The friendly PNCC gardener told me that she saw lots of monarchs hatch out this morning, then of course they stayed in one place while opening their wings. It is supposed to rain tomorrow- but if it doesn't, I might return there in the cool of the morning to look for more butterflies...


  1. Nicely composed as well. This flutterby looks a bit passed its used by date.

    Love the colours

  2. Yes.. this one was.... but most of the 'fresh' ones were on further away flowers. I could have chosen one of those shots, but I quite liked all the orange in this shot!