Saturday, February 12, 2011

43: Te Awe Awe

Te Peeti Te Awe Awe, Rangitane chief

This statue in the Square in Palmerston North commemorates the Rangitane chief, Te Peeti Te Awe Awe, who was born in 1820, and died at Awapuni in 1884.

And the blue sky is in stark contrast to some recent grey drizzly days, when I took photos of raindrops on spiderwebs.... And no, it is not 'photoshopped'... the sky really was this intense blue...


  1. I am always amazed how aboriginals from all countries have similarities, such as this ceremonial dress that is a lot like some ceremonial dress I have seen on some of our aboriginals.


  2. I suppose that the use of certain kinds of plants and feathers from the natural world -hand dried and woven- leads to some of that similarity. I am not sure how similar what we now see as 'traditional' Maori costume would be to what existed in pre-European times.

  3. All very noble and commanding!

    Love the contrast photographically speaking.


  4. I was keen to use that dazzling blue Allanah as it was such a change from a week ago! And the white/blue contrast was very distinct.