Tuesday, February 15, 2011

46: Ladies Rest Rooms

This is the 'Ladies Rest Rooms' in the Palmerston North Square- a delightful art deco building from a different era. And it is as beautiful inside as out, and is lovingly kept clean by the the supervisor.

Sad thing is, Council added a boring modern box on the back for i-Site. Seems like a travesty when this little building is such a gem on its own.


  1. An exquisite little building Kay- and so well cleaned inside. A joy to use!

  2. Beautiful building, complimented by the annuals and hyd....the hydies. Is our Julia visiting Palmie?

  3. I was going to ask, is that 'Art Deco' and then I saw you had answered it. You must be a mind reader!
    Glad to see you arev still on track with the pictures!

  4. Lovely art deco building. Is the boring box behind the Men's restroom?

    Michèle (Ottawa)

  5. Michèle, they have added a Men's Room- but also a tourist office. There used to be a separate men's toilet block but it was somewhat problematic. I am not sure why they felt the need to ruin the building with a tourist office when there was a perfectly good possie in the Council building that had already encroached on the Square on the other side. Maalie, it is easy enough while it is summer and sunny but I know it will be harder in winter! Andrew, I haven't heard any fuss and bother about her coming here. She just doesn't know a good place when she misses it!