Friday, February 18, 2011

Night Lights

The moon just looked amazing in the sky tonight when it rose, and I headed out to the back deck with my camera. I have never had much luck with moon shots from there before, but tonight the moon was in just the right position for me to rest my arms on a wooden support. So I discovered the zoom on the camera could focus on some remarkable detail, that I certainly couldn't see with my naked eye.

Recently I have been inspired by my nephew, who took some wonderful night shots when the lights were on show in Pukekura Park this summer. (The linked photo is someone else's- but my nephew's shots were amazing too.) It was time for Aunty to get to grips with how to set the long shutter speed on her own camera for some night shots. And actually it was easy.... I was just playing around outside my house with the next three shots- trying for a movement effect, not a still one.

 There is one of those tall bright orange lights outside my house, as it is on a curvy intersection where there have been lots of crashes in the past, and that lights up the tree.

And this last shot is my favourite experiment. Two cars were coming up the hill around the corner one behind the other, and I moved the camera back and forth. Such fun! I can see I will have to go downtown soon and catch some lights in the Square at night...


  1. Great pictures! Saw the clear in the clear sky when I walked Max around 7 p.m.

  2. Amazing to think we are so far apart in the world, but all see the same moon....

  3. Yes, I did too. Was amazed what the camera could capture when my arm was kept still on a rail. Last night I got a hand-held one (without benefit of a rail) that you could see the edges of some craters on, on the edge of the shot. I was amazed to see that!!