Friday, February 11, 2011

42: sunflower awakening

I walked up the driveway of the school I was at this morning
to be greeted by a row of sunflowers,
their petals lit a brilliant yellow as they were touched by the sun.

I took quite a few photos of those beautiful petals
but in the end chose to show you this photo of a flower still in bud
just opening.


  1. Beautiful pictures Kiwi!
    You will be photographing ice and snow before you realise it!

  2. I had better not be photographing ice and snow... I will be most upset if that happens. Now the odd frost or three in six months time might be acceptable!

  3. Beautiful picture! Now about snow and ice, where is your sense of adventure?


  4. Everything in its rightful place Michèle. I will let you and Lyne capture the snow and ice photos for me!!