Sunday, February 27, 2011

More draincovers

Andrew, my distant Scettrini rellie from Melbourne, directed people to this blog to look at some of the interesting draincovers we have in Palmy, so I thought I had better add another one....  This is an example of the 'artistic' series that I love finding: the giant umbrella sedge.

I seem to have eight different ones now. Four are of plants, and warn people not to connect stormwater to sewer drains, thus overloading the wastewater treatment plant. The other four are of our small native fish and warn that if you put anything toxic in the stormwater drains, it will go into streams- and might kill the fish etc.
But these interesting ones are the exception: most are more utilitarian, like the three below.  Firstly comes the fire hydrant cover.
And I have to show my ignorance here. I think the round one is stormwater. And I think the S on the other one might indicate something about the sewer..... but I might be quite wrong!

I am not sure how many more 'artistic' variants there are to be found. I will have to keep my eyes open when I am out cycling!

Addendum: Ahha- another one of the 'pretty' ones found when I cycled to the Esplanade for the 'Open Day'.


  1. The top one is very pretty :)

  2. Good observations. A keen eye. I hope to keep getting better that way.

  3. I'll add to that that I haven't seen the like here in the United States. But then again, I don't always have much in the way of a keen eye!