Wednesday, February 02, 2011

33: New kerbing

Yesterday the men working on my corner ripped out all the old kerbing and sumps etc that were bring replaced. They finished work late, as they installed the new stormwater sumps into deep ditches that otherwise might have collected a car overnight.

Now, I did intend to just do one photo per day in this 365 project- but these go together- and the first one makes sense of the second one.....

Here is a magic 'kerbing' machine, the likes of which I had never imagined.

And almost before you had time to click your fingers, the concrete had been fed out from the concrete truck, then out the back of this machine, and laid down as kerbing and channeling.


  1. What a cool toy! I want one!!

  2. That operation could keep you going fr weeks!

  3. Yeah I reckon it is a cool toy Karin... I want one for my sandpit!!! Maalie, they are actually getting it all done very quickly. The corner doesn't usually seem overly busy, but with poor visibility up a hill and around a couple of bends, it makes it quite hazardous. So I don't think they want to stick around.