Monday, February 21, 2011

At the Esplanade

Today was a glorious summer's day here in Palmy- 28C- and everything looked beautiful in the Esplanade.

If you click on this photo to enlarge this red dahlia,
you can see yellow pollen scattered on the petals. 

Monarch butterflies were very obvious around the dahlia gardens. 
But these little white butterflies
-that my father used to very much dislike as their green caterpillars ate up the cabbages!- 
were around in profusion as well, just not so blatantly.

I'm not entirely sure why I went into the Conservatory on such a hot afternoon- 
but there are always interesting tropical plants flowering in there.

And this afternoon I 'discovered' the aquarium setting on the camera,
that helped 'see' under the water more clearly and brightly. 

 I tried to take photos of some of the monarch butterflies, but they were much happier on the tall dahlias at the back, rather than on the handy ones at the front of the garden!

Finally it was time to cycle home. I chose to go via the Bridle Track as there was a bit more shade from the sun in part of the route. The summer cumulus cloud was reflected nicely in today's calm waters of the Manawatu River.


  1. That dahlia photo is stunning when enlarged!! The textures and all are incredible. Thanks for the's snowing here again...although it won't stick, as the air temps are too high!!

  2. Margaret you could change careers and become a photographer! Wonderful pictures and Ksam is right, the textures on the dahlia are incredible. It is not snowing here in Florida, 29 celsius this afternoon.

  3. Terrifying pictures coming out of Christchurch, Kiwi. Hope you are alright on the North Island.

  4. Robert, it is indeed a terrible tragedy, and it seems like the number of dead will increase. Nobody expected another quake to be even more damaging than the 7.1 quake in September.

  5. ksam- I loved the detail on the dahlia. I can see it better in an enlarged photo than in real life! lol Michèle- I think I will stick to my day job and just take photos for fun!