Wednesday, February 16, 2011

47: Manawatu Gorge

fungi on a tree, Manawatu Gorge walk

This morning I headed out to the Manawatu Gorge for a walk. Signs that autumn is around the corner lay in wait: abundant tawa fruit lay on the ground, and fungi growing on trees distracted me as I walked.

When I was training for the Camino three years ago, I walked here often, figuring that the hills were good preparation, and indeed they were. But since I broke my arm last July, I've been quite protective of it, and the uneven surface of the Gorge track was out of my comfort zone. Until today. Today I walked as far as my 'one hour' marker, and my body is buzzing with endorphins, thankful for all that uphill exercise. I'll be back again soon- and I will walk further....


  1. Isn't it off. You would think that exercise would make you tired but after an hour in the pool I feel quite full of energy.

  2. Oooh, bracket fungi! They look as if they are porcelein!

  3. There were quite a few of them on both sides of this tree- I have only shown a small portion here.