Tuesday, February 08, 2011

39: Raindrops

It hasn't quite seemed fair or right lately, that in February, which should be our most summery month, in our part of the country we have had a succession of dull, drizzly, grey days. They've not been cold days- yesterday was 26C and humid- but grey drizzle isn't fun in February.

So it was with a sigh I thought about today's 365 photo..... until I headed out into the garden. Raindrops on leaves and spiderwebs bring so many little surprises, unexpected little jewels of beauty. And here is the one I chose to share....


  1. You do the raindrops really well

  2. This one ended up being just the right angle Allanah. I had 'plans' for today, but I have ended up being distracted by going out into the garden looking at raindrops and spiderwebs. The glory of drizzle I suppose is that it is not heavy enough to break all the webs like 'proper' rain might.