Monday, February 14, 2011

45: City Library

The Palmerston North City Library opens at 10am, and is a popular place. I arrived a little early, and as a 365er with six weeks experience now behind me, I had my camera with me, so took some photos;-) 
The building used to be an iconic department store on the Square, and Ian Athfield the architect designed its rebirth as the City Library.


  1. I like older buildings that have been renovated, always interesting.

    Michèle (Ottawa)

  2. The library has been filled with art of various kinds too Michèle, and there is so much to look at before you even start on the books!

  3. I went to your library's website and found some interesting books. If and when I get to NZ I suspect I will come home with a bunch of books from authors we don't see here in North America!

  4. Oooh, there should be at least a month's worth of buildings to photographs ;-)

  5. We had some great authors published when I was a young woman Michèle. Not sure there is the same 'cohort' now, so am not sure whether that says something about modern living or publishing...
    Maalie- I could easily take a month's worth of photos around/in the library- then I could start on the art deco buildings built after the Napier earthquake....