Wednesday, February 23, 2011

54: Perspective

Spire of Christchurch Anglican Cathedral, 10 January 2011

There was no heart in me to take a photo today. 
This is from January in Christchurch.

This spire and part of this cathedral collapsed yesterday,
and possibly people were trapped in the rubble.

The Christchurch earthquake puts life in perspective.
Much love to friends and family.
Sympathy to all those bereaved, RIP.


  1. The news from Christchurch is devastating. My heart goes out to all those affected, prayers for those who have lost family or friends.

    Michèle (Ottawa) Canada

  2. Looking at this pic, having seen the quake pics of's almost hard to believe! God keep you all in our prayers!

  3. Almost miraculously- one blessing in all the devastation- it seems that no bodies were buried under the rubble from the Cathedral spire.