Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some holiday birds for Maalie

Ok Maalie, you wanted some bird shots from my holiday.  The challenge is to find the 'odd one out'. A prize for the best answer.

A gaggle of shags in Kaikoura.
Red billed gulls waiting patiently for my fish and chips on the beach in Kaikoura. 

A white-faced heron somewhere south of Kaikoura.
Two black oystercatchers on the beach at Okains Bay, part of a gaggle of 3. I presume the grey/black-legged one is a juvenile- would explain the dive-bombing of a distant, quiet photographer with a zoom lens by one of the 3, on several different occasions.

 Pied oystercatcher in the Lagoon at Okains Bay.
 A nice horse in the village. Don't tell it it isn't a bird, it might be offended.

 Sheep ready to take off into a flying position so might soon be a bird.
 A bird talking on the phone too long in Akaroa.

A bird back home in Palmy. Its natural colours seem to have been bleached by the summer sunshine.

(The runcible award goes to me today.)


  1. Wonderful! The shags are of course Pied Shags.

  2. Oh well, at least I got the 'shags' bit right! I thought I would get told off for calling them a gaggle- but I guess runcible ones get away with all sorts of stuff.