Friday, January 07, 2011

7: Walking in the morning

Tree on farmland a few bays over from Okains Bay

When I camped at Okains Bay with friends in 2008, I was 'training' for my April start on the Camino, and was keen to keep finding hills to climb, even on holiday. One route I took several times that January was across to Little Okains Bay, on to the next bay, then up onto the farmland nearby. This year, mist covered the hills for two mornings, but this morning dawned clearer, and I reached the farmland. It was a steeper and tougher climb than I remembered, so I had obviously already built up my fitness back in 2008! The sun was still quite low in the sky, and cloud dimmed the landscape. Ten minutes after I had descended the steepest part of the climb, the sun broke through above the cloud, and this scene would have been very well-lit. But I wasn't fit enough this year to want to climb all over again for the sake of a brighter photo!

Taken 7:58am 7.01.2011;   Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
Shutter: 1/500     Aperture: f/4.0      Focal length: 6.98mm     ISO: 80


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photo - would make a lovely painting

  2. If I had more energy it would have been good to climb back up and see it with more sunlight on it, but I was too lazy!

  3. I still like the mood/feeling of this one very much!