Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Random Rejects'

Since the beginning of the year, when I decided to do a 365/365 photo blog for 2011, I have often  taken my camera out with me, hoping/planning to find a quiet few minutes somewhere to take some photos. Some days I end up with having to make a choice between photos I like for the 365 blog. So here are just four 'random rejects' that never quite made the cut!

 some beautiful roses in the Square

 the fence at Ma's place in Foxton Beach

 the reflections of All Saints and the Clocktower seen in other buildings around the Square


  1. Amazing photos KiwiNomad MB. The clock tower reflection looks just like a painting and the All Saints is really eerie.

  2. Thank you Anonymous FB. I have fun. You can tell I am not all that busy at present can't you?!

  3. Beautiful photos, and blog. I'll link this to my blog, pronto. And here's to hoping you can keep your camera going the entire year! :-)

  4. Ted, I hope so. First month nearly down, amazingly! I am aware that last year I couldn't take photos for about six weeks while I had my plaster on, but hoping to avoid such things this year!!

  5. Ja Nee, a zinc dak "fence", last saw one downunder in RSA