Wednesday, January 19, 2011

33 degrees Celsius

Palmerston North can have some warm-ish days in summer, and sometimes the humidity can be uncomfortable. But yesterday was the highest temperature I have felt here ever. It was 33C and humidity was oppressive as well. It was like being in Singapore....

From TV3 news- screen shot


  1. The humidy here in Melbourne was equal to that in Darwin during the wet season the weather girl oh-so-cheerfully told us last week.
    So, I'll book us both on a ship to Antarctica for a jaunt? lol

  2. Don't you hate it when the weather-people in their air-conditioned studios look oh-so-cheerful telling us such stuff?! Antarctica or London- either might do the trick!

  3. You know 43 doesn't really feel that much hotter to me than 33 if it is dry heat. Both temps are too hot. And what a jolly looking weatherman you have.

  4. A nice summer's day then :-)
    Just caught up on your recent posts - wonderful!
    I love the Black Oytercatchers!

  5. Oh it was not a nice summer's day- it was incredibly humid! The black oystercatchers were great, and there seemed to be lots of them. But I was always wary of a 'gang of three' in case I was 'dive-bombed'!