Friday, January 28, 2011

28: Cycled to the Square

 Clocktower in the Square, Palmerston North

I did it. I did it. I cycled downtown. My bike has sat in the shed since I broke my arm last July. But yesterday evening I did a cycle safety course run by Sport Manawatu to give adults confidence cycling on the road. And today I cycled downtown to the Square and felt quite confident about it. So here's a photo of the Clocktower I took just before midday as I wandered in the Square.
I really wanted to show you a photo of the flagpoles with the flags not moving. But the angles came out too stridently odd. Another day perhaps. Shame really, as now you will never believe that in Palmy, sometimes the wind doesn't blow!


  1. Did you see the place swarming in teachers?

  2. When I was heading home down past the Regent I did- but not in the Square itself at the time. The place did come alive with police cars while I was there though- making an arrest of someone who didn't seem to want to be arrested!