Monday, January 24, 2011

24: Manawatu River running high

Manawatu River running high after heavy rain
Yesterday, according to the wonderful new Met Office website, we had 61.4mm of rain- and while that felt like an awful lot as the rain kept falling, falling, falling.... it ranked well down in the 'wettest places' location list for the day.

This afternoon finally, it has stopped raining, and I took a quick walk along part of the Bridle Track along the river. Others were out doing the same. And if you look at the very black clouds, it looks like we were all hoping to get our walks in before the rain started falling again.


  1. Great picture Margaret, and tonight, I would prefer a 61 mm of rain rather than the -31 celsius they are predicting overnight. At 11:15 pm it is already -26! Have a great week.


  2. Brrrrrr you have me shivering just reading that!! Funnily enough, I took this photo several hours ago now, and those black clouds have still not dropped any more of that rain.

  3. I just saw this photo on a TV News item, can anyone use it?

    1. I am surprised it would be on a news item this long after the event. I am happy for it to be used, but would prefer to be asked.

    2. it was used as a backdrop on Country99 TV, on their On Demand page go to Pt 2 of Horizons story.
      As a broadcaster they have breached copyright by stealing your photo - if you did this to Sky TV they would try and prosecute you.

    3. Goodness, I see that you are right. I have had photos of mine used at various times, but have always had permission sought. I might drop them an e-mail- as there is no acknowledgement at all. And the fact the photo is from a time of high river level, rather than normal level, is a bit misleading given the context,