Friday, January 07, 2011

Okains- Morning 4- the top of the hill

Bit shocking really that it took until the fourth morning in camp before I finally climbed the 'Big Hill'. But this morning when I peeked out at the beach, it was great to see that the mist had cleared.
Here is the view from near the top of the hill, looking back at the other bays I have passed through. Okains Bay camping ground is nestled in the pine trees in the third bay along.

When I reached the top of this hill in 2008 I had fun taking photos of a 'solo' tree up here, and I was keen to see if it still stood. And it did...

On the way down again, I could see everything clearly: the mist was well gone.  Here is a view of the islands the seabirds nest on from above...

...and here is a view of the same islands at sea level in Little Okains Bay, the first bay along.

Now, I know you might all be thinking this trip is a bit of a 'solo effort' as you see no people in my shots. That's pretty general with my blogging- for privacy reasons.  I was sharing the camping ground with a few friends though, and here are a few camping scenes.

I did tend to rise before most of my friends, and by the time I got back from  my morning walks, breakfast would be served....

Okains Bay is a lovely camping ground where you spread out and find your own spots under pine trees. Not all square and confined.

The young lady of our party was about to commandeer this hammock for some relaxed holiday reading.

And here is some of our swimming gear drying off for the next swim. I was the North Island Wimp of the party- moaning about the cold South Island water, but I did get in once or twice....


  1. Looks like a great place and what great photos. But it looks a bit dry. Can we send you some water? We seem to have an excess of it at the moment.

  2. Looks lovely and warm....I had to walk through very heavy frost for my dip today!

  3. Yes Andrew- it is a bit dry there- total fire ban etc- and it looks like we are about to have a drought area (Kiwi version) declared where I live. Nell- we had 33C and very high humidity the other day. Yuk! It has settled back down to something closer to 20C again- much more comfortable!