Thursday, January 06, 2011

Okains: two misty days, then glorious sunset

Last time I was at Okains Bay - three years ago in 2008- I was keen to climb hills as part of my Camino training. No such compulsion existed this time, so when the next two mornings dawned with thick mist covering the tops of the hills, I was happy enough to shorten my morning walks!

 When I was walking along the Old Wharf track, I had seen a tern diving repeatedly for food, then disappearing. Chances are it was nesting on the lower of these two islands, where many seabirds could be seen, safe at a distance from interfering humans.

 By later in the afternoon of the second day, blue skies had returned, and soon people were taking advantage of the surf and the estuary, swimming or paddling, or with kayaks and boards of varying kinds.

After dinner at the campsite, we were all slipping into relaxed laziness, when someone came to say there was a cruise ship passing the bay. This we had to see!

It was just as well we had been roused from a lazy state, as there was another glorious sunset to be seen this evening.

This little boy seemed to be enjoying the colours in the sky as he ran out several times to the surf.

And the colours over the hills were quite spectacular.

But the most glorious colours were seen where the sun set in the west, inland from the camp.

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  1. So beautiful. Don't you think those cruise ships look like skyscrapers laid on their sides??