Thursday, January 27, 2011

27: Window at St Pat's

This stained glass window is in the gathering area for St Patrick's parish, adjoining the Catholic Cathedral for Palmerston North.  You can see some hints of blue sky and white clouds through the glass, which shows how photography is all an illusion. From most angles the skies around the Cathedral were full of dark grey clouds when I took this photo- though fortunately summer has now returned.....

(You can see more photos from this Cathedral here, and I am sure to add more of my own on this blog before the 365 is up!)


  1. You can see the grey clouds on the right-hand side! Great picture Margaret.


  2. There is some beautiful stained glass in this church Michèle.

  3. Hard to get a good photo with all that contrast. Well done.


  4. It's just up the road from where you are presently Allanah- though I imagine you won't have much free time to walk there!!