Sunday, January 30, 2011

30: PNCC sewer draincover

 Sewer drain cover, Palmerston North

When I was traveling overseas I noticed some elaborate drain covers in some cities. But until I started taking more photos for more regular blog posts at home, I don't think I had ever noticed that Palmerston North has an exquisite set of its own drain covers. They feature some of our native fish and plants. This one shows the toetoe.  It is often confused with pampas grass, a non-native, invasive pest species.


  1. You and me, great drain cover spotters of the world unite Andrew!

  2. Yes the whole photography thing helps you see art in the ordinary.


  3. Hi, do you have more photos of the Palmerston set of drain covers?

  4. Hi silverworks, There are a few in various blog postings, but I am sorry I don't have any original photos anymore. (My computer and hard drive was taken in a burglary and I lost most of my digital photos.) If you click on the label 'aducpas' in the labels section, it will take you to some posts with more of them.

  5. Hi, thank you very much! I am amazed that there are so many different ones in one place/ city to be found.
    I live in HB and have found one nice one with Art Deco theme in Napier, one beautiful in Wellington. If anyone to drain covers with great designs would they please contact me? Japanese covers seem to be very decorative too.