Monday, January 10, 2011

10: Earthquake damage in Christchurch

A sculpture with several human figures 
decorates the props for an earthquake-damaged building in Christchurch.

Downtown in Christchurch, life has returned to 'normal' for many businesses, but signs of the major earthquake are still obvious. Many of the most damaged buildings in the quake area are older brick or stone buildings. Some have been demolished, and only 'gaps' remain. Others are closed with red-stickers, some of those closed only since Boxing Day when a strong shallow aftershock hit the central city. This historic stone building has been propped up, and some-bodies have 'decorated' the props with sculpture.

Taken 10:59am 10.01.2011;    Canon PowerShot SX20 IS
Shutter: 1/640     Aperture: f/5.7    Focal length: 88.18mm      ISO:160


  1. I love this idea. Takes a slight bit of the sting out of the damage done.

  2. My friend told me there are a few places where the props have been decorated, but this was the only time I saw it done.