Friday, June 06, 2008


Yesterday evening was very pleasant. The man who came to give the foot-leg massage was lovely, and my calf muscles have felt very relaxed today. He told me I was actually dehydrated and needed to drink more, so I have been working on that today, and certainly needed to find a wee private spot more than a few times this morning!
After the massage I visited the Los Arcos church, which is very splendid indeed. Usually I find Baroque too over the top, but the carvings etc in this church were very special. Lots of figures on the various altars, and two special statues of Our Lady, including one Black Virgin. There was a carving of the Last Supper on one wall that I loved. The choir stalls upstairs also had very special carvings. The church in all its magnificence stands out from the town which appears very ordinary compared to others I have passed through.
Then I enjoyed dinner with the Irish guys, Mick from Oz, and Marco from Austria - the rose amongst the thorns. It was a feast- what wonders were done with pasta. Then I even went to Mass, with some great singing from the Spanish locals, and a pilgrim blessing afterwards from the priest who spoke quite a bit of a few languages, and who gave out prayer cards in various languages with a choir stall photo on the front.
Again there was very early rising in the dorm, as many people planned on going right through to Logrono, quite a long day. (For the Irish guys it was the end of their week.) I was just planning to reach Viana, a more sedate 21km or so away. I was pleased to find my legs managed much better today. It never got hot either, was spitting lightly quite a bit, and I even needed my jersey most of the day!
It has cooled down significantly here in Viana, but wouldn´t you know it, I posted home my good windjacket just two days ago in Estella. The story with my jacket is, that I am not really sure what kind of post I have paid for. I am hoping it has gone air-mail so I can wear it when I get home to winter. But if it is anything like the things I posted from the Channel Islands in 2006, it might take nine weeks for it to arrive!
Viana is an interesting little town. The albergue itself is right next to a couple of historic buildings, and we have superb views from our room. There are triple bunks. But we had less far distance to come than some, and got here early enough for bottom ones: the woman on reception was obviously choosing older woman to give out bottom bed numbers to0 and gave the young early ones the top bunks! -hurrah!
I have been out and bought earplugs for tonight. I haven´t seen her, but someone has told me that the snorer-from-hell is in the other half of our room. I thought I would easily out-walk her distance-wise, but lo and behold, she is bus-taxi assisted and is keeping pace!!
Siesta is over, the town is waking up again. Time to go and buy groceries for dinner and breakfast. Need energy to cross the big city of Logrono tomorrow!


  1. Ahh snorers! Eventually I found that wet toilet paper worked better for me than ear plugs (which fell out every night anyway!). Enjoying the blog.. buen camino!

  2. Hello Kiwi! Sorry I haven't been across recently. We have been away a lot, to Peru and down to Brighton, and I haven't been doing much blogging.
    Glad the pilgrimage is going well. I will read all your back posts to catch up on your progress.

    Love Lorenzo.

  3. Thanks Kay, I am grateful for your comments now that my body is getting more tired!
    You are as much of a traveller as that brother of yours lorenzo! I haven´t been reading any blogs at all but will catch up when I eventually get home!