Thursday, June 19, 2008

El Burgo Ranero

Yesterday afternoon I became a car tourist with Rebekah and her husband, and saw a little of Saghun that I would see again walking this morning. But it was great to see it yesterday, as the Camino trail did not reveal any of Saghun´s treasures. There was a church that had been built by Moorish builders, and a museum that held the Holy Week items that are taken in procession around the town. These are very explicit and very Spanish.

Back in Moratinos, Rebekah took me on a walk around her tiny village, which really is tiny. We saw their bodega, which was a lovely cold place where they used to make and store wine. Her husband cooked a delicious dinner while we were out... And I retired to a comfortable real bed with real sheets for the night, having dried myself with a real towel after my shower. These are luxuries I do look forward to enjoying again!!!

This morning I let myself out early -6am-ish, as I thought it was about to turn hot. First few kms of the morning from Moratinos I had the trail all to myself, and looked back to see a beautiful sunrise sky. Well away from the road on this bit of the trail, I loved the landscape. At the next village I saw the storks on the church starting off their days, and caught up with three Mexicans just leaving from that albergue.

Quite a bit of the next bit of the trail was in hearing distance of the road. I somehow imagined the Meseta was going to be more isolated than this. They are harvesting rye here at present so there is a little bit of an idea of how barren some of the land might become over summer.

It was flat easy walking, and the sun came out, but did not get to much above 24C, so made for nice walking. I had intended to stop after 20km, but decided to keep going the next 8km as the next two days promise to be a bit hotter, getting into Leon. Leon seemed so far away when I entered Spain, and I am nearly there.....

Today I am in the Albergue at El Burgo Ranero. There is a bar-restaurant over the road with pilgrims sitting outside... time I went to join them. L and D want to know all about my adventures yesterday when I left them and took a ride in a vehicle!

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