Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mansilla de las Mulas

Enjoyed the albergue yesterday evening. Lots of sunshine and it was pleasantly warm sitting outside in the shade. Restaurants just over the road for dinner.
Have reached the last town before Leon today. Flat walk and quite warm. Trees have been planted along the side of the path ever since we crossed into the Leon province. In a few years they will be giving very welcome afternoon shade. We have stopped here after 19km, leaving a 20km walk into Leon tomorrow. Finally it is getting a bit warmer now, and we were glad to stop at lunchtime to relax!
The albergue has a very friendly atmosphere. It has a large courtyard area and someone has planted a whole heap of geraniums that are in pots all around the walls. They look glorious in the sunshine.
It has warmed up quite a bit today and must be high 20s. So it will be early to rise and lunchtime to finish for the last 20km into Leon tomorrow. I am so glad I got across most of the Meseta before the heat came. And perverse as I am, I don´t mind if summer leaves again next week, though I don´t know what my chances are!


  1. Your trip sounds great Margaret, how could you settle back home after the magnificant scenery? You must have some amazing photos which I'd love to see sometime.

  2. kiwinomad-MargaretJune 23, 2008 12:15 am

    We have magnificent scenery at home too Nicola!! Just don´t have enough villages to walk between without carrying all our food etc!
    It has warmed up here.... looking forward to my own bed again in the not too distant future, even if I do need to turn the heater up high!