Thursday, June 05, 2008

Los Arcos

Today the weather changed! And we have had a hint of the heat that Spain is famous for.
I thought there was another big climb this afternoon, but discovered I had finished it already when I reached Villamayor de Monjardin, where there was a beautiful Romanesque church. (I love the sparsely decorated rounded architecture.) I thought the descent would be ´no sweat´, but as can happen on the Camino, I found the going tougher then!
There were lots of beautiful wildflowers out all along the way this morning, and we passed vineyards and wheat fields. After Villamayor there were still those, but it was over 12km to the next town (Los Arcos) and it seemed to take forever, much of it flat and spreading out without any signs of habitation. And finally the sun shone. I had a ´crisis of confidence´ ie how will I ever manage to walk in Spain when it gets hot? I am still not sure that I will, and a bus to Leon is a possibility! But once I had lunch, and a talk with some friendly Irish guys, I felt better!
The sun is shining this afternoon, great for getting some washing dry and the lines are full. Have my name down for a foot massage soon. And at 6 the church will be open for us to have a look...apparently it is magnificent. Then at 7 the Irish have invited me to the meal the Oz Mick is cooking for them. Actually, he is giving directions as he has his arm strapped up, and it might be like Ramsay´s Kitchen, so they have told me to come to eat not to see the cooking! What a full calendar I have!


  1. Things that helped me in the heat. Walk early in the morning, the worst heat doesn't happen till the early afternoon. Stop at each fuente and soak a bandanna to use around your neck, sometimes I even wrapped my flannel in it to get more water to drip down my back. At the very hottest, I wet my hair as well. Buen camino!

  2. Yes, continue to resist the temptation of bus travel. Have you checked the s... from h...'s itinerary to ensure an early start or have you purchased some earplugs meantime? Mgt N

  3. I am enjoying reading your blog! Is it possible for you to post some photos of you along the way too? I would love to see the one of you with the iron pilgrim sculptures - I too am looking forward to seeing that when I do my camino in September. I hope the rest of your trip goes well, best wishes, Jane (Janeh on Santiago forum)

  4. I am about to go buy some ear plugs this afternoon! The weather has cooled down again today and is surpisingly cool, cooler than than France.
    Jane, I am sorry I can´t put any photos up until after I get home. I never brought my cord with me, and most of the computers you can´t upload anything anyhow. But in August I will post them!