Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carrion de los Condes

Yesterday evening in Fromista they opened the Romanesque church that sits in the same square as the albergue. It has been largely restored, and is absolutely a gem. Pilgrim price =student price... there has got to be some payback for all this walking!!! Then I spent some quiet evening time under the plane trees nearby that have been pruned and trained to make a ¨roof¨ in summer. Again lots of birdlife zipping around.

I wasn´t all that impressed with the boring males in the albergue yesterday who seemed to sleep all afternoon and go to bed really early. Boring lot! And they were matched a bit by the boring walk today - flat, flat, flat, and all along the roadside. Not too busy a road, but I guess we all prefer the quiet of the countryside. The weather wasn´t boring today though- quite changeable with the raincoat on an off.

Arrived in Carrion de los Condes to the parish albergue run by some Augustinian sisters. They were so welcoming at the door. And there is singing this evening that we can attend and I am sure I will enjoy that.

Tomorrow I am getting up to leave at 6am as I plan a longer haul than usual if I can - hope to meet Rebekah in Moratinos. I followed her blog before I even left home.... Moratinos seemed so very far from anywhere and now I am only about 30km away from it!!


  1. Kia Ora Margaret,
    Glad to see your postings from cold but sunny Christchurch. Please pass my regards to Rebekah, loved her blogs and voted for her.
    Hope this comment goes through as my last one did not.
    Grandpa Joe

  2. kiwinomad06- MargaretJune 18, 2008 2:47 am

    I passed on your good wishes to Rebekah Grandpa Joe...it is her computer I am typing on right now!