Sunday, June 08, 2008


I had a lovely night´s sleep in the Albergue at Navarrete. There were just four bunks - eight people- in quite a large room, so we had plenty of space, and the window was open by general agreement so we never got too hot. By the time I went upstairs from the concert at 9.15pm, most people were already settled for sleep, and people didn´t begin stirring until after 6am. It was more like the better sleep that I tended to get in French gites..... It is not yet hot in Spain so there is usually no need to get up so early as some tend to do.....
This morning´s walk was mostly past vineyards: Rioja is clearly an area with many vineyards and we passed two big wineries. We reached Najera in time for lunch, after passing through quite a long industrial area on its outskirts. It was quite a poor looking town. We found a beautiful spot by the river to sit down and eat some lunch, then hoisted our packs for the next 6km to Azofra, which is also quite a poor looking town. It is almost embarrassing to find that the albergue is in one of the flashest buildings in town. It is just five years old, purpose built. No Bunks. I am sharing a two bedded room with a Dutch woman I first came across at Orisson when she passed through doing a one-day stint across the Pyrenees.
It is surprisingly cool here in Spain, cooler than in southern France. It never rained today, though many times it seemed close. I could have worn the jacket I have posted home for much of the walk!!! But I was warm with my rainjacket on.
OK time to go buy some food: I have felt ravenous all day though I have actually eaten heaps!!!

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  1. Hi kiwi nomad
    Well after doing email today from carrion de condes, thought I´d say hi. My trip is going well also and am having a rest day in very tiny village 17 kms north of carrion. Having a great time and meeting some lovely people.
    buen camino, Christine