Saturday, June 07, 2008


I wasn´t looking forward to today especially, as you could see the spread out nature of Logrono, and its industrial area, as we approached Viana yesterday. But it turned out fine! There was some industrial area to cross, and motorway to walk beside, but it wasn´t as bad as I had feared!

The track from Viana went past a church in the countryside with lots of picnic seating and water nearby, which must be very welcome in summertime for those striding out to Logrono on a hot afternoon. Then it passed a lake where you could watch birds. On another day I might have stopped and only walked a shorter distance, but I am aware that summer is coming and I need to move as far as I can now before it gets too hot!

The track descended into Logrono, and entered the old part of the city, taking a route past various old buildings. Then came the trek through the city but it wasn´t as bad as I had feared. It was well marked. And though those on the outskirts of Pamplona had seemed to look aghast at my appearance - with mud-covered shoes etc!- the Logrono locals were smiling. When I looked a little confused at one intersection, a lady quickly pointed out the correct route.

It wasn´t too long before city streets were cleared, and the track took its way through a long park, where many locals were also out walking. I had company for all the route from Logrono, and with pleasant conversation the time passed quickly. It was cloudy and a little cool, but never came to much in the way of rain.

We later had to pass close to the motorway, and a wire netting fence was keeping us in. It was here that there were many, many pilgrim crosses in the fence. I had seen photos before, but never realised their extent. I didn´t like it so much, as it seemed that what is a sacred symbol for some had become trivialised. But maybe I misjudge motives.

The municipal albergue is lovely here in Navarrete, in yet another historically important building, and there is a very friendly kind hospitalero who speaks quite a few languages. I am amazed at the quality of so many of the facilities provided for us at so little cost. The downside of the dorms though is that I have not been getting as much sleep in Spain as in France. This afternoon I thought I would indulge in the Spanish siesta habit. But wouldn´t you know it, there is building going on outside, with a drill hammering its way through concrete! At least I got some rest!

Time to go explore as the town is coming to life again. The church is huge and there are many interesting buildings in the centre of town. Catch you later!


  1. Hola peregrina Margaret,
    You are doing so well!! Last year the summer didn't really start until the end of July. Most people who walked complained of cold, wet, cloudy weather right to the end of July and early August so you might be spared the Spanish heat.
    Keep dry, keep safe - I am following you in cyber space!

  2. Thanks sil! It is surprisingly cold here in northern Spain at present, and I walked with my jersey on most of today. (In France I mostly walked with just my tee-shirt.) But I don´t really mind walking in such temperatures as I am used to them at home. I notice it is not even hot on the meseta yet.....